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Saying Sorry
Love me today
Hate me tomorrow
Repent your yesterdays
Forgive your sorrows
Leave me to rot
Let it all wash away
Then maybe this all will stop
And the world will no longer decay
:iconteen-arthur:Teen-Arthur 0 3
Desktop Hot Shot by Teen-Arthur Desktop Hot Shot :iconteen-arthur:Teen-Arthur 2 39 WHY DOES MY BRAIN HURT by Teen-Arthur WHY DOES MY BRAIN HURT :iconteen-arthur:Teen-Arthur 5 1 69 by Teen-Arthur 69 :iconteen-arthur:Teen-Arthur 3 64
I'm Hurting
This pain
can't stop
This strife
let go
Where did this love go?
Where did the passion fly?
Hold my
Take my
Shatter my
Never let me become whole again.
:iconteen-arthur:Teen-Arthur 3 14
WATCH OUT IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD by Teen-Arthur WATCH OUT IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD :iconteen-arthur:Teen-Arthur 8 114 Meet the Admin by Teen-Arthur Meet the Admin :iconteen-arthur:Teen-Arthur 4 75
Your Smile is like a Battle Ground
It hurts, it hurts
this never ending pain
Can you feel it too?
Does it wound you?
So calm, my dear.
You worry me.
Patronize me.
Harm me.
This feudal spat,
this common warfare,
this pointless quarrel,
this never ending nightmare.
Are you ashamed by me?
Are you despised because of me?
Did you truly want to kill me?
Do you hate me?
Love, how can you smile?
In this desolate world
full of iNsAnItY....
Point the gun at me
Poise the knife at me
Take me out.
End it now.
That smile, love
it strains me
in the most torturous ways
and I want it to stop.
Don't turn that smile on me.
Not now.
Not ever.
It was never to be mine.
Betray me now and
never look back.
Throw away the key
you've stolen from my heart.
No, please stop.
These tears are flowing.
But your never ending
sMiLe haunts me.
:iconteen-arthur:Teen-Arthur 4 11
How to respond.... by Teen-Arthur How to respond.... :iconteen-arthur:Teen-Arthur 7 48 Arthur the Potty Mouth by Teen-Arthur Arthur the Potty Mouth :iconteen-arthur:Teen-Arthur 12 228 Dawn by Teen-Arthur Dawn :iconteen-arthur:Teen-Arthur 3 0
Common Misconceptions (Incomplete)
C O M M O N ! M I S C O N C E P T I O N S
Although his eyebrows are a "sweet spot", his face is all part of his e-zone which includes running hands through his hair.
Although he's not used to human contact, he does like cuddling.
Despite denial, he's a softy for romantic comedies in both movies and books.
He's very sensitive, excessive rubbing or touching in certain areas can guarantee a "happy ending".
He's no stranger to sex but starting a physical relationship with someone new will revert him back to virgin ways.
He appears innocent but in reality he has a dirty mind.
He doesn't ALWAYS read hentai, only on weekends.
Can sing fairly well, he's just too embarrassed to sing infront of other people.
Has albums of pictures collected from over the past few years (hidden under his bed).
He's not an advocate of war but he likes to read about it and watch old documentaries.
He hates rain not because it's almost the only weather England ever has but that every time it rains it's because he's
:iconteen-arthur:Teen-Arthur 1 2
I Came I Saw I Conquered by Teen-Arthur I Came I Saw I Conquered :iconteen-arthur:Teen-Arthur 16 138
Character Relationships (Incomplete)
Character Relationships:
He comes off as if he is annoyed by Alfred, often a tad bit rude and curt in replies and behavior. He will, however, blush if touched or teased by Alfred in any way. Secretly he wants to be closer to Alfred but is too afraid to actually pursue anything.
*Bonus: In highschool the two had a falling out due to a big fight and didn't talk to each other until college started. Everyone wonders.... what was the fight about?
He isn't afraid to say how he feels about Francis, often insulting and blaming the other. They often insult each other when they interact. He'll blush and hit Francis if teased or touched but if it involves sexual harassment he will punch Francis, possibly breaking a nose, or kick the other with effective results. Secretly he admires Francis and is envious of the other's style and looks but he'll never admit it.
*Bonus: Francis and him have "history" together. Mentioning this fact c
:iconteen-arthur:Teen-Arthur 2 9
Headcannons (Complete)
H E A D C A N N O N S :
Very quiet and shy personality.
He is reserved and sometimes described as anti-social.
He's a bit of a sap, a "closet romantic".
He's a full tsundere to the max.
He's a bit of a crybaby.
Has a sweet tooth (can never turn down chocolate).
He loves to use quotes from people he admires (he may even take a quote from a regular conversation he liked).
If someone gets close enough to him, his insecurities will start to show.
He is very insecure but tries to hide it.
Likes to sit in corners or secluded places.
He will hide anywhere for any reason.
Very innocent and new to love no matter how many times he dates.
Loves the smell of flowers and rain.
He's a neat freak and must clean an area once a week.
A morning person, he likes an early start to the day.
He usually does some sort of exercise in the morning and evening (Ex. riding bike, jogging, weight lifting, stretching, ect.).
He's actually rather health conscious (can lead to lecturing others).
Very self-conscious ab
:iconteen-arthur:Teen-Arthur 4 29
Could I by Teen-Arthur Could I :iconteen-arthur:Teen-Arthur 3 47
Said a wise man....

...but who am I to be?

Who am I other than what I could never hope to be?

Should I reach

Or rather down low?

But who said that I ever deserved FREEDOM

And who said I would ever be GOOD ENOUGH

With so little what have I left?

But can I save my own?

Where will I go from here?




No no no.

Take away this PAIN

Free me from this CAGE


Nobody... nobody... nobody...

N ... O ... B ... O ... D ... Y

But those who struggle

ALWAYS become something

They never fathomed

They never dreamed

They could ever be

And I will find my path

And I can become SOMEONE

I will go on

I will be . . .


My heart belongs to you.

"A kiss is a rosy dot over the 'i' of loving." -Cyrano de Bergerac.

"A loving heart is the beginning of all knowledge." -Thomas Carlyle.

"A very small degree of hope is sufficient to cause the birth of love." -Stendhal.

"All mankind love a lover." -Ralph Waldo Emerson.

"All my life, my heart has yearned for a thing I cannot name." -Andre Breton.

"As soon go kindle fire with snow, as seek to quench the fire of love with words." -William Shakespeare.

"At the touch of love everyone becomes a poet." -Plato.

"Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage." -Lao Tzu.

"Come live in my heart, and pay no rent." -Samuel Lover.

"Do all things with love." -Og Mandino.

I love you.

Alfred, these fleeting moments last within memory and age with time. But every action, every word and every beloved second of our time together has meant more to me than life itself. Thank you for loving me.

Oh, love. :iconteenamerica:


Journal History

-- and has a temporary computer until they get theirs back? QwQ


I'm here :icononeboy-blunder:OneBoy-Blunder

Catch me if you can eue //
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"I am Arthur Kirkland... are you here to read with me?"



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:bulletwhite:God save our gracious Queen,
Long live our noble Queen,
God save the Queen!
Send her victorious,
Happy and glorious,
Long to reign over us;
God save the Queen!

:bulletred:O Lord our God arise,
Scatter her enemies
And make them fall;
Confound their politics,
Frustrate their knavish tricks,
On Thee our hopes we fix,
God save us all!

:bulletblue:Thy choicest gifts in store
On her be pleased to pour;
Long may she reign;
May she defend our laws,
And ever give us cause
To sing with heart and voice,
God save the Queen!

:bulletred:Not in this land alone,
But be God's mercies known,
From shore to shore!
Lord make the nations see,
That men should brothers be,
And form one family,
The wide world over.

:bulletblue:From every latent foe,
From the assassins blow,
God save the Queen!
O'er her thine arm extend,
For Britain's sake defend,
Our mother, prince, and friend,
God save the Queen!

:bulletwhite:-England's National Anthem

:star: Have some HISTORY!…

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